Benefits and Impacts

By providing ready-to-use material, presentation of talks, interactive sessions teachers as well as hands on training on Astronomy models and observing tools for teachers,

(i)We will strengthen their knowledge in basic Space science and Astronomy.

(ii)teachers will be empowered and capably skillful enough to be better teachers, science communicators (and better learners too).

(iii) Teachers will learn new methods of communicating astronomy and other science subjects to their students using inquiry based method and descriptive teaching approach

(iv) Teachers new skills in communicating science and Astronomy will attract their students to develop healthy curiosity that would translate into good scientific inquiry (the backbone of science and scientific development).

(v) Our already prepared Lesson notes and study material for teachers during workshop, will be a great tool for learning and understanding basic Astronomy among teachers and students in Nigerian Schools. (vi)Creating wider and better learning environment: through activities and network, run by empowered professors and science instructors will motivate participating teachers.

(vi)The material that we develop will be consist of theory and class activity that can be use in every level of education based on Nigerian curriculum.

(vii)By carrying out various activities using the universe in a box apparatus available to us here in Nigeria, we hope that we can make module like universe in a box based on the Nigerian school curriculum and condition Astronomy education practicals to be uniform in all our Primary and secondary schools. these will be measured and ascertained through our network of science communication, science forum and continuous survey.

This benefits of this project include:

i. Raise the level of astronomy development among the thousands of teachers and students in all Geopolitical zones, States, and local Government area in Nigeria.

ii. This project will also be a source of development and understanding of astronomy among teachers at this level of education where not all science teachers are Astronomers and will also connect thousands of teachers and students at primary and secondary education to the network of Astronomy professionals.