Objectives of HBSST

This project aim to address the above mentioned challenges through

(i)Training Primary and Secondary School Teachers in all Six Geopolitical Zones in Nigeria who will in turn supervised to train others and the chain continues

(ii) Spreading scientific awareness on “Astronomy”, popularizing space science through outreach programs and updating the entire public of any Astronomical events like eclipses, solar Halo, meteor showers, meteorite falls, etc before they happen as well as popularizing various activities of the IAU among the teachers and students of different schools and colleges in Nigeria.

(iii) developing Academic Astronomy Materials like books, posters, CD, films, models etc and making them available to Teachers, schools and colleges for their classroom presentation at no cost.

(iv) Forming an active Astronomy Instructors-Science Teachers Forum in different schools and colleges in Nigeria for Space learning and popularization continuity. (v)Promoting widespread access to the universal knowledge of astronomy through the excitement of astronomy proper use of internet to transmit Astro Knowledge across all Teachers, Schools and Colleges in Nigeria.

(vi) Promoting knowledge on the preservation of our global cultural and natural heritage of dark skies through the awareness of observation of the night sky using simple locally made optical telescope.

(vii) Strengthening the existing networks of Astronomers by connecting these Teachers to the network of amateur astronomers, educators, scientists and communication professional through local, regional, national and international activities.

(viii) Supporting and improving all formal and informal science education among teachers in Nigerian primary and Secondary Schools.

(ix) Promoting collaboration between teachers in Primary/ secondary schools and Astronomers in the university of Higher learning in Nigeria to enhance various astronomical activities and observational facilities involving the schools, colleges and universities.